FAQ #1: What genealogy will we be doing on the cruise?

Answer: We will have a day of presentations by David Allen Lambert, Daniel Horowitz,  Tami Osmer Mize, and myself. We will also have short presentations, 1:1 consultations, and demos on other evenings throughout the trip. We will have a private tour and presentations at Pier 21 in Halifax as well as presentations by Pier 21 and Library and Archives Canada staff. There will also be opportunity for research assistance by and at Pier 21. For those interested, we will also have a day at NEHGS the Tuesday after the cruise ends. More events, tours, presentation titles, etc., to come!


FAQ#2: Where do I sign up?

Answer: All passengers wanting to join up must book with our travel agent Terri O'Connell. You can call her or you can use her website. Terri is fabulous and is here to answer your questions. So just ask! She's a genealogist which makes it even better! The cruise website is: www.oconnelltravel.com/group/familyhistory

Please note that you will be paying for the cruise with Terri (a down payment is all that's required until later). There is another charge ($150 due a week before we cruise) for those who want to take part in presentations and all genealogical activities associated with this trip. This fee covers the syllabus, presenters, etc.

If you have a non-genealogist coming with you, they do not pay the extra fee! So bring that non-genealogist spouse along for the cruise fun!

FAQ #3: What will we be doing?

Answer: You can find the tentative presentation and demo titles at the end of each presenters bio (click on the Presenter’s link at the right of this page). We are also working on a few tours and research opportunities. Take part in as much or as little as you want!

FAQ #4: Are you thinking, "I want to go on the cruise! Now what?"

Answer: A $350 deposit holds your cabin. The best part? You don't have to make a final payment until May of 2019! Lots of time to save up for this great trip! Payment for presentations don't need to be made until August 2019.

You can pay your deposit by going to the cruise website at www.oconnelltravel.com/group/familyhistory or calling and talking to Terri (travel agent extraordinaire!).

Also, if you are on Facebook, let Gena know you’d like to join our Facebook group. Just friend her and then she can add you to the group. It’s there where we talk about options, provide the latest information, and get to know each other.

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