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Whittier Area Genealogical Society

That's New to Me - Unfamiliar Websites for Your Genealogy

It's hard to keep up with all the different websites that can help you with your family history but there's a few core ones that are crucial to your research. In this presentation we will explore such websites as WorldCat, ArchiveGrid, and the Digital Public Library of America.

Her Name Was Not Unknown: Researching Female Ancestors

"What's her maidien name?" "What happened to her father after her husband died?" "How do I start researching my great-grandmother?"

We've all felt the disappointment of seeing the word "unknown" to describe a female ancestor's name. How do we go from "unknown" to finding a name?

This presentation will demonstrate, using a 5-step approach - techniques, methodology and resources for researching (and finding) your female ancestors.

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OC Libraries

Researching Women: Community Cookbooks and What They Tell Us About Our Ancestors

Community cookbooks, commonly known as fundraising cookbooks with the plastic comb binding, have been around since the Civil War. They serve as a “city directory” of women with everything from names, residences, and in some cases familial relationships and photos. Learn more about community cookbooks and using them for your family history.

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to May 13

IDG Academy: Finding Female Ancestors. Continuing the Journey

This continuation of the Finding Female Ancestors course provides a more comprehensive look at specific sources for finding female ancestors. We will explore newspapers, digitized books, quilts, cookbooks, and journals. We will also look at databases that focus on documenting women’s lives, which are found on genealogy and academic websites. To finish we will take a look at what to do if you still can’t find your ancestor. 

This online class uses readings, videos, and discussion. 

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to Apr 8

Family Tree University Spring Virtual Conference

Presentations include:

Using Treelines by Gena Philibert-Ortega
This video will cover Treelines - how to use it, what it involves, and how it can help document and preserve genealogy research.

Finding Your Female Ancestors by Gena Philibert-Ortega
This video will cover how to find records of female ancestors, dealing with missing names, maiden names and other problems unique to finding women in our family history.

Online discussions will include:

Occupational Records.

Please note this is a paid online conference. For more details about other presenters, see the FTU website

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to Mar 10

IDG Academy: Finding Female Ancestors. First Steps

Finding female ancestors can be challenging at best. With name changes and a lack of records, female ancestors seem to all but disappear. However, finding women in your family tree starts with an understanding of the methodology needed to conduct good family history research. In this 4 week course we will explore that methodology by first discussing how researching women is different. We’ll take some cues from historians who research women combined with genealogical sources to better understand where to find the documents that list women. As we close we will explore researching women from different ethnic backgrounds. This 4 week course is for those who need more help in researching and more importantly, finding female ancestors.

This course is completely online, using reading materials, videos, and discussion.

Sign up today on Moodle, for $99.

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Green Valley Genealogical Society 2018 Seminar
to Feb 17

Green Valley Genealogical Society 2018 Seminar

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Workshop and presentation topics include:

Finding Female Ancestors
Unfamiliar Websites for Your Genealogy
Schools, Jails, and Asylums: Your Ancestor’s Institutional Life
Social History Through the Ages

Tackling a Research Project
Wild Bill and the 3 Legged Man 


For more information see their website.

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