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Whittier Area Genealogical Society

That's New to Me - Unfamiliar Websites for Your Genealogy

It's hard to keep up with all the different websites that can help you with your family history but there's a few core ones that are crucial to your research. In this presentation we will explore such websites as WorldCat, ArchiveGrid, and the Digital Public Library of America.

Her Name Was Not Unknown: Researching Female Ancestors

"What's her maidien name?" "What happened to her father after her husband died?" "How do I start researching my great-grandmother?"

We've all felt the disappointment of seeing the word "unknown" to describe a female ancestor's name. How do we go from "unknown" to finding a name?

This presentation will demonstrate, using a 5-step approach - techniques, methodology and resources for researching (and finding) your female ancestors.

Earlier Event: February 9
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