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Celebrate Your Family Recipes and Heritage

From Great-grandma's apple pie to Mom's secret-recipe stuffing, food is an important ingredient in every family's history. This three-part keepsake recipe journal will help you celebrate your family recipes and record the precious memories those recipes hold for you--whether they're hilarious anecdotes about a disastrous dish or tender reflections about time spent cooking with a loved one.

The foods we eat tell us so much about who we are, where we live and the era we live in. The same is true for the foods our ancestors ate. This book will show you how to uncover historical recipes and food traditions, offering insight into your ancestors' everyday lives and clues to your genealogy. Inside you'll find:

Methods for gathering family recipes

Interview questions to help loved ones record their food memories

Places to search for historical recipes

An explanation of how immigrants influenced the American diet

A look at how technology changed the way people eat

A glossary of historical cooking terms

Modern equivalents to historical units of measure

Actual recipes from late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century cookbooks

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California's Eastern Sierra region, encompassing Inyo and Mono Counties, is a paradise of striking contrasts and beauty. Early settlers came to this area--now known chiefly for recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, and skiing--for its mining and agricultural prospects. Towns like Bodie, Lundy, and Keeler rose with the promise of quick riches but failed when the promise dimmed.

Throughout this unique landscape are sprinkled the poignant resting places of early pioneers. Reflecting the diversity of the natural setting, the area's cemeteries range from the Mono County Cemetery overlooking Mono Lake to the overgrown cemetery at the Civil War-era Fort Independence to the garden cemeteries of Bishop.

The monuments in these cemeteries, along with the beautiful country that surrounds them, honor the men and women who once carved lives out of this rugged wilderness.